We’ve been weaving numerous wonderful ribbons, especially double face satin, for more than 220 years. With such a so-french historical background, we have no choice but going on  manufacturing the best silky ribbons  in the world !

Grosgrain ….French name, French ribbon !

The outstanding feature of gros grain is the special  ribbed look and texture, as a contrast to silky appearance of satin ribbon…

For centuries, Cotton and linen ribbons and fabrics have been woven in our factories .

For ages, it has been believed  that they will desappear, replaced by man-made fibers. Actually, we have never delivered as many cotton and linen goods!

We manufacture and print ribbons for the well known luxury brands. As France is known for its unquestionable  luxury capacities, it has unabled us to become the market leader worlwide  in this special business of printed ribbons.

For decades, we have developed a range of top-quality waxed cotton laces, giving to our braided products an inimitable leather-like effect. We can apply this special finish on any kind of cotton product, whether flat or round.

Looking for a splendid bag handle ? We have come up with a line of colored twisted cords in cotton, polyester or nylon. Those Barley Twist cords are also suitable for garment ties and hang tags. Our twisted cords can be supplied spooled, or delivered cut to lenght with metal or plastic T-Aglet.

We are the leading French manufacturer of elastics. We produce round or flat elastics, wether knitted, weaved or braided. We can supply our elastics on spools, cut in lenght, or assembled with metal aglets or plastic ends.

Knowing that not all of our customers are equipped with machines to produce the assemblies they need, we propose to make it for you. Our metal or plastic ends are available in various sizes and finishes.

We produce wire and strings for tag, available in virtually any color, wether rigid or elastic. Those items can be attached in several working lenghts. Braided, twisted or gimped, our know-how is limitless.