STN Braids is a subsidiary of Groupe Fauchille, a French family-run business specialised in manufacturing textile components for technical and luxurious uses. With our 19 factories located in North of Paris , we are proud to guarantee a 100% made-in-France production.
Thanks to our +200 years know-how in weaving ribbons, we have become over the years the leading European manufacturer of ribbons, webbings, braids, elastics, shockcords and any other kind of narrow fabrics.


plants in France
million USD turnover
main activities
years of history
million yards of narrow fabrics manufactured daily


It all began in Comines – France in 1367, when  King Charles V signed a Royal Proclamation giving the City of Comines the right to weave narow fabrics on its territory. Ribbon will then become the speciality of the city.
From 1848 to WWI, Comines will become the World Capital of narrow fabrics with 400 million meters produced every year, by 1000 workers sharing 3500 machines. Great industrial groups appear, modernizing the city and the factories.
After 1918, when Germans leave the city, Comines has become a ghost twon, most of its factories being destroyed. A dozen of factories remain alive, and will gradually reborn for decades. A very hard competition begins between those survivors.
 From 1950, the last remaining factories begin to merge. The Fauchille Family, owning one of the smallest ribbon factory of Comines, buys a competitor, and another one, and another one… The group is getting stronger and stronger every year, until all textile factories of Comines are finally united with the same ownership.
In parallel, the group developed new activities : a plastic molding department was created 20 years ago, having become today a real success story and producing pieces for automotive industry, medical and food business with a very fast growth.
A few year late, it was time to launch our metal division : we first started with bending and twisting metal wire and strap. And we now operate new laser cutting lines stamping and forming lines, welding and painting machines. Our metla workshop can also assemble metal parts, ironwork, mirrors or wood parts. Once again, this become a winning bet.
With the turn of the 20th century, the 3rd generation has come to age and now heads the business, like their father and grandfather before.