Tailor-made Products…

STN Braids is a recognized static or dynamic braided or knitted cords manufacturer and is specialized in the design and manufacture of braids that you cannot find anywhere else. We are fearless and will not hesitate to study the most demanding projects in order to offer you the most technically and economically viable solutions.

… And Many Standard Catalog Items

STN is also includes an impressive number of standard products available in stock. Our ropes and laces are made of all types of materials, from wires less than 1mm in diameter to 45mm-diameter rope.

Tailor-made Finishes

Our tailoring workshop is at your disposal for any necessary finish on our cords, from a simple cut to sewing or slicing, the sleeving, crimping, nozzles, etc… For each application its completion! In lace, we offer plastic or metal aglets according to the use wanted. Everything with a rigorous quality control to guarantee monitoring at each stage of manufacture.

Personalized Conditioning

We condition all types of mounts according to use: spools, small reels, crowns, on sale for ropes, sealed and the laces in a blister pack.