Polypropylene Extrusion

Up from our textile manufacturing, we also have developed a multi-filament polypropylene wire extrusion unit. From 220 dtex to 5,500 dtex, our high-quality yarn can be used in a large number of industrial fields: weaving, furniture, rope straps, filters, geotextiles, technical fabrics. Whether you use polypropylene wire in parallel or mixed strands, our range of colors continues to grow and your special colors of course can be made on demand.

Assembly, Retwisting, Cabling

We are also well equipped to deal with retwisting allowing us to respond to all assembly, retwisting and/or cabling on all types of continuous wire or fiber, in all types of material. Wire winding on a specific cone, dyeing cone, sewing cone, haberdashery tube can be done on demand.

Wire Dyeing

Our integrated wire dyeing factory is at your service to dye your wire spools regardless of titration or material (polyester, polyamide, cotton, linen, acrylic) in quantities from 2kg to several tons. Our dyeing factory corresponds to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Class I. In terms of environmental concerns, we use the most environmentally-friendly dyes and our rejects are constantly monitored, with complete transparency with environmental organizations.

We have developed a specific patented process for the coloring of very particular and normally undyeable Nomex fibers or other aramids.

Tailor-made Spooling

On request, we can spool your products on all types of specific packaging. If needed, you can send us the wire or the product to package and we will have it ready it for you within the deadlines demanded.