Limitless Capacities

We manufacture products in all widths and materials, from the most natural (cotton, linen, hemp) to the most technical (meta-/para-aramid, HMPE, synthetic…) materials. We are the European leaders in strap weaving by a long way. Our customers are all over the world, so like them, join us!

Our Technicality at the Service of Your Needs

Our technicians work to your demands whether your straps are simple or extremely complex. Our strength lies in two centuries of know-how (our first factories are over 220 years old), our complete machinery and cutting edge technology, and our synergy: in total, 7 whole factories dedicated to straps which are at your service!

A wide range of products

Over the years, we have developed unique products dedicated to all sectors, notably:

Luggage Straps

Stowage Straps

Securing Tapes

Tailoring Straps

Military Straps

Furniture Straps

Aeronautical Straps

We work with the following materials: polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, aramid, HMPE, cotton, linen, jute, etc.

Widths from 2 to 200mm

Finishes: dyeing, fireproofing, heat-setting, laser cutting or ultrasound, specific packaging… We adapt to your demands.