STN Braids is a recognized static or dynamic braided or knitted cords manufacturer and is specialized in the design and manufacture of braids that you cannot find anywhere else. We are fearless and will not hesitate to study the most demanding projects in order to offer you the most technically and economically viable solutions.

Looking for a specific shock cord? Ask us for the impossible and we will braid it for you! Each day our R&D department develops elastic cables with out-of-the-ordinary properties. Special strengths, controlled lengthening, increased heat and/or wear tear resistance, we never back down from a challenge.

We manufacture all types of tailor-made braided or knitted sleeving according to our customers’ specifications. Our broad and ultra-modern machinery allows us to conceive the most successful products to offer your the best textile protection possible for your pipes, hydraulic hoses, electric cables… made from mono-filaments or multi-filaments, these sleeves are completely tailor-made with maintaining your products in mind.

Be it braided, knitted, or woven, we offer the most appropriate elastic for your use: jacquard weave for underwear elastic, gimped elastic or latex for industrial use, knitted elastic for tailoring or haberdashery.

We manufacture products in all widths and materials, from the most natural (cotton, linen, hemp) to the most technical (meta-/para-aramid, HMPE, synthetic…) materials. We are the European leaders in strap weaving by a long way. Our customers are all over the world, so like them, join us!

Our machinery of 500 weaving heads that have been renewed in the last 5 years dedicated uniquely to ribbon assures a quality production and peak productivity. Every day 2 million meters of ribbon is woven in our factories!


Our technological means allow us to knit two large families of netting: flat or tubular nets, as rigid as they are elastic, with square, lozenge, or hexagonal mesh, and single or double bed. 

Being assured that our customers are not all tailors, we offer you a tailoring service for straps, braids, cords, elastic… In other words, all our products can be tailored according to your design brief, with the safety that must be done at the same place.

Up from our textile manufacturing, we also have developed a multi-filament polypropylene wire extrusion unit. From 220 dtex to 5,500 dtex, our high-quality yarn can be used in a large number of industrial fields: weaving, furniture, rope straps, filters, geotextiles, technical fabrics.